6 Ways Autumn Affects Your Life

Those higher testosterone levels may be behind why women have thicker waists relative to their hips -– that is, they’re less curvaceous — in the fall than at any other time of year, — found researchers at Simon Fraser University. (All the pumpkin pie doesn’t help the waistline, either).

And yet — here’s the welcome news — men think women’s bodies appear more attractive in the cooler seasons, reported a study published in the journal Perception.

One theory is that the testosterone rise makes guys more interested in sex, but there’s an even likelier cause: the “contrast effect.” In the summer, men are frequently exposed to scantily-clad women. Not so when it gets cold outside; therefore, the “attractiveness criteria” shift in our favor. Which means that by January (the month men give women’s bodies the highest ratings) only you might mind your post-holiday pudge.

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